Thursday, January 04, 2007


Ok, these are unconfirmed, but here we go.

Copa America 2008 in Mexico
According to everyone's favorite rumor mill, La Opinion, CONMEBOL will be celebrating it's 80th anniversary in Mexico with the Copa America in 2008. They will also be inviting the USMNT back to complete the 12 team format.

If this is for real, this is a good development for the USMNT. It gives them one more international tournament to send guys to and the host country is close enough that more US fans can make the trip. Our track record in Mexico has been dog shit, all be it that we have pretty much only played at Azteca, so it will provide our guys with a very difficult and challenging task at hand. If this is true, I can't wait.

USMNT vs. Ecuador moved to Washington, D.C.
According to the official Ecuadorian national team website, the match between the USMNT and Ecuador that was rumored to be taking place at Giants Stadium will now be played in Washington, D.C., which makes it easier for me to attend! Ives Galarcep had the first news about the match moving away from the Swamp, but he was suggesting that the match would take place in LA at Home Depot Center.

Well, this makes me very happy. I get to see the USMNT play a quality non-CONCACAF opponent in my backyard. I am surprised that the game will most likely be held at RFK, considering the baseball diamond in the middle of the friggin field, but I doubt the Boy Prince will let the USMNT use FedEx. Now that I have written that, I am sure that I will be wrong.



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