Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fulham USA?

Uh, so when did Fulham start turning into the USMNT? They currently have Carlos Bocanegra and Brian McBride, and are trying to bring in Deuce and now they seem to be bringing in Gooch? Not that having them all play together wouldn't be a bad thing, especially if Carlos and Gooch start on the same back line, their chemistry would be amazing come time for the US camp.

My question is, how will they make the EU labor laws of the league? As I understand it, EPL clubs cannot have more than 4 non-EU players suit up, and I think no more than three on the pitch. Well, McBride seems to have a lock on the starting forward spot, and if Gooch and Deuce are being brought in, they would seem to be destined to start. Don't they have any other non-EU players on their roster? According to their website, in addition to McBride and Bocanegra, Fulham have Papa Bouba Diop from Senegal and Gabriel Zakuani from the Congo. Last I heard, neither of these two countries are members of the EU.

Don't get me wrong, adding Deuce and Gooch would be a godsend for both Fulham and the USMNT. I am just interested in this will work out.


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