Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deuce gets Permit; Beckham leaving Real this summer

According to Yanks Abroad, Clint Dempsey received his UK Work permit and should be getting suited up with the rest of the Cottagers by next week at the latest.

I am happy for Clint, now I want to see him play up to his potential and make the best of his move. He demanded it, now step up to the plate.

Also, it was announced that David Beckham will be leaving Real Madrid this summer, as Real's sporting director Predrag Mijatovic ended contract negotiations. As Beckham hasn't been playing almost at all for Real, this is really no shock.

In related news, MLS Underground has listed that MLS and the LA Galaxy have offered Beckham a 4 year deal worth $9 million a year. So, this might be happening faster than we all thought.


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