Friday, January 12, 2007

DC United Draft Preview and other player news

The Washington Post has a good primer for those who are going to hunker down and watch the live showing of the 2007 MLS Draft on ESPN2 (12pm EST). Steve Goff highlights that United have the 11th pick and that United hasn't really been the greatest at drafting players, but do tend to find the "diamond's in the rough" by acquiring players outside the draft who end up being great MLS players (Perkins & Boswell).

Goff also has two quick updates on two players from last season. It appears that Matias Donnet is not returning and that talks with Brian Carroll's people are progressing. Hopefully Brian does return. It is a shame that Donnet is not returning, he showed some good signs at the end of the season and I felt that had he the chance to get into the club at the start of the season, his fitness would be better and he would have been able to get a better grasp of the teams style and form.


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