Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Soccer News & Notes: 1/16/2007

DC United Looking for alternate location.
DC United is looking for an alternate location to host their third match in the Group phase of the SuperLiga on August 1st. DC United have been scheduled to host the 2006 MLS Cup champion Houston Dynamo at RFK Stadium that Wednesday night, however the Washington Nationals will be in the middle of a three game series with the Cincinnati Reds.

According to Steve Goff, the United front office are investigating other “local” venues for this match. The Maryland Soccerplex and FedEx Field have both been ruled out, for being too small and too large, respectively. Apparently Baltimore, Richmond and Philadelphia are all being looked at as alternate venues for United to host the match.

Any one of these locations would be fine with me. Playing in Baltimore and Philadelphia could actually be used as outreach matches to expand the reach of MLS to cities that haven’t any clubs. Philadelphia is always highly listed on any expansion list, so a match between the 2006 MLS Cup champs and the 2006 Supporters Shield champs in Philly should bring out a pretty good crowd.

Sebastian Deisler retires from Bayern Munich
German wunderkid Sebastian Deisler has retired from football due to several on going knee injuries and several afflictions with depression. Deisler was scheduled to return to active duty with Bayern Munich, recovering from yet another knee injury that cost him a spot in the German World Cup squad. Deisler is only 27 years old.

I feel bad for Deisler. He has so much skill and potential, yet his knees must be made of jello or in his case, being German, Gummi. The fact that he was such a football prodigy only compounded the knee injuries and this led him into his fits of depression. Hopefully he will do well in whatever he moves onto.

The interesting side-effect of Deisler retiring is that not only will this force Bayern into the transfer market for a creative midfielder, but this might also hold up any chance of Manchester United buying Owen Hargreaves. Granted Hargreaves is still recovering from his broken leg, but his position in the Bayern midfield just got bigger. I think the only way Bayern sell Hargreaves now is if Manchester United pays the rumored €30 million for him, which would then allow Bayern to really try and buy a high priced midfielder.


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