Friday, March 30, 2007

News & Opinions: 3/30/2007

USA vs. Guatemala
God that sucked to watch. What a chicken shit type of approach the Guatemalan's took to the match. They should have just stayed home if they were going to just play hacking soccer. How bad was the officiating? How many times was Simek kicked at when he was sent to the ground in the first half? Christ, I was glad no one was red carded for retaliation.

The end result should be one for the players and the coaching staff to look to when they get back together for the Gold Cup camp. Use that match as an example of how they should expect teams to play them, and prepare for it and have better game plans to counter it.

Nobody really did that well against Guatemala. Feilhaber and Bradley looked good in the midfield, but Bradley worked much better when he had Donovan in front of him with Cooper and Johnson up front. Johnson needs to go back to KC and get his groove back.

Oh well, Bob might not be at the helm in June, but I think he should be. Who else is head and shoulders better?

DC United get Fred
DC United has finally added Fred to their official line-up and he has a good chance of playing this Tuesday against Chivas in the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup. Hopefully, Fred and Emilio will provide enough support for Gomez and Moreno that they all last the entire MLS season and we get a 5th ring.

Ives seems to think that Fred will be the X-Factor for United this season, go check it out, Ives is picking United for the MLS Cup.

How many more days until United vs. Chivas II?

Cleetus moves back to the Big City!
Red Bull New York traded for Clint Mathis today. Not sure why, considering Bruce Arena once suggested that Cleetus needed mental help. Oh well, I guess once they shipped Guevara out West, they needed someone to fill the role of Village Idiot.

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