Saturday, June 16, 2007

Match Recap: DC United 3 - 1 Chicago Fire

Ok, I definitely have a question or two after tonight's match: Is DC United as good as they were tonight in utterly dominating the Fire or are the Fire just that damn bad?

I cannot remember the last time I saw DC United dominate any opponent as completely as they did against the Fire tonight. The Fire were able to venture into United territory maybe, maybe for 20 minutes tonight. Tonight I saw the United of last season, the United to ruled the midfield and dictated the entire match.

Sadly, I also saw the United that seemed to have completely forgotten that it was there to play soccer, and that United allowed the one Fire goal. The best sign of the night wasn't Emillio's two goals, or Benny's awesome flank play or the play of was that once United reverted back to the bumbling, stumbling defensive unit and allowed the one Fire goal, they went right back to work and shut down every and any attempt the Fire made to truly get back into the match.

Dare I say that Soehn has finally put the squad together?

So now United sits on 17 points, currently fourth in the East. All three clubs ahead of United dropped two points each so the Eastern Conference race just tightened up abit. United's next match is away at Real Salt Lake, a club that is still searching for their first victory. Alecko Eskandarian and Nick Rimando will have some extra incentive to play against United, but considering what I saw tonight coupled with how utterly awful I saw RSL play Thursday night, this might be the first trip out to Utah that I am not that worried about.

On an other note, we should find out this week who the USSF calls into the camp for the Copa America. As we already know that Jamie is training with Bolivia for their campaign, we might have to brace ourselves for the chance of losing two to three more guys to the tournament. The way that Benny is playing right now, I cannot be more than happy for him to be considered for the USMNT squad. Boswell and Namoff are rumored to be in line for callups as well, so our bench depth is going to be brought into question even more as this week goes on.

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Blogger Bibliotheker said...

It does seem that this team is now Soehn's team. We played well but Chicago was crap.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

True, Chicago were crap, but the United that played most of last season would have played down to Chicago's crap level, instead of controlling the match. That is why I think Soehn might have put things together.

2:36 PM  

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