Sunday, June 10, 2007

Match Recap: DC United 4 - 2 Red Bull New York

I have to tell you, I was actually worried going into this match today.

Yeah, in years past, a match against RBNY would have been a time of celebration and many a beer to drank and tossed in the air. RBNY for the last few years had been DC United's bitch. well, despite today's result, RBNY took a huge step closer towards removing that title today.

RBNY has been playing some very, very good soccer lately and as United's form hasn't been that stellar, I was actually expecting a loss today. I expected to see Reyna carve up our defense and Angel give Erpen so many fits that he either lost it or lost it. Boy was I glad that I was wrong.

Here are a few observations:

-Juan Pablo Angel is a machine. That guy is probably the best acquisition that Red Bull has made since they bought the NY club. He was always making dangerous runs and causing the two United defenders covering him fits. Granted his goal at the end of the match saw pretty soft due to United being incredibly lax on getting back into form for the restart, he still showed over the whole game that he was going to score. That guy is money.

- Boswell and the Red Card Vacation. Well, Bozilla has an MLS sponsored 1 match minimum vacation due to his two yellow cards today. His first card was pretty stupid and his second card I really don't think he deserved. Brian hall is IMHO the worst ref in MLS. he will make questionable call after questionable call throughout a match. Does that make up for Bobby getting a red card? No, good players and good teams must adapt t o how refs are calling matches, not bitch and whine about it. The bitching and whining is what we bloggers are here for, the players are here to play the games. I just don't know who we will have in central defense this Saturday.

- Benny. Congrates on your first ever Hat trick. each goal was a great one. Maybe you should be on the USMNT roster? Copa America?

- Fred. That guy keeps getting better and better as the season moves on. I cannot wait to see how he does as the season progresses. His play with Gomez and Emillio is amazing.

Over all, I am happy with today's match. It was one of the better matches that United has played in the MLS season. Our defense stepped up and contained one of the most dangerous strikers in the league and only allowed him to score once the result was no longer in doubt. Troy had another stellar match in goal. Gomez and Moreno played great, especially when we were down to 10 men.

Next week we have Chicago who is in a huge rut right now, but always brings it when they play United. We have a major dilemma in central defense as the one guy who usually covers for Erpen and his gaffs is probably going to drinking beers in Barra Brava. Tom Soehn has alot to do over the next 6 days.

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Blogger Rob said...

Fortunately, Devon McTavish is finally healthy again.

Keep that guy wrapped in bubble-wrap all week in practice.

6:10 PM  

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