Friday, July 20, 2007

Match Recap: MLS 2 - 0 Celtic FC

Ok, so this isn't much of a recap. I only watched the first half and evidently saw the only goals of the game. Angel's goal was great and Toja showed the same skills that he showed at RFK last Saturday.

So the All Star Game is over for this season, and we head up to Toronto for the next one, woopie.

Now down to the real topics:

- I lost count at 30: the number of times the announcers said Beckham in the first half.

- In the first half alone, the ESPN crew showed Beckham 8 times.

Honestly, if he wasn't there, what the hell would the ESPN crew have had to talk about?

I did like the interview at halftime. Rob Stone was given some pretty stupid questions to ask, but Beckham did answer then very well. I liked how he mentioned that he is here for five years, not just for this weekend. Say all you want about him, but I have never seen him look like a moron in any interview I have ever seen.

Can we get back down to business?

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Blogger D said...

If you count distinct mentions that didn't include commercials or times when the his name was used multiple times in succession on the same package, the Beckham count was 34 I think. My wife and I kept a tally.

9:28 AM  

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