Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cannon in for Perkins?

Steve Goff is reporting that DC United appears to be in the mix to trade for current LA Galaxy goalkeeper, Joe Cannon. Assuming that this happens, Troy Perkins would no longer be in the picture with United.

Ok, here is my take on this. If this trade comes about, simply based on DC United getting Joe Cannon, I think it is a great thing. Joe is a very, very good keeper who was burned last season playing behind a horrible defense. If he joins up with United and is manning the pipes behind a defensive line with Namoff, Boswell, Burch and maybe even Vanney, I have to believe that Cannon and United would have one of the best defensive seasons in a very long time. Cannon has so much experience in goal and has a greater amount of timing and judgment than we have seen in goal in a long time.

That isn't a knock on Troy, it is the plain truth.

Now, the biggest question comes in as to why United is trading for Cannon, if this is a real situation. Are they trading due to the chance presenting itself and it is one that the coaches and front office staff feel is way too good to pass up? Or are they doing this because it is an area that they suddenly feel that they need to address, such as Troy possibly moving on himself? If troy is moving on, to Europe as Goff suggests, then I am very happy for the guy and I wish him all the best. If this is a situation where Lalas called up Kevin Payne and offered Cannon up for trade, I still think that United should move on it.

For the good of the club, I think having Joe Cannon in goal will present DC United a much better opportunity to make a stronger run at any of the 6 possible trophies that United will be up for next season. Troy is a great goalkeeper, but over this last season, he has had a few "gaffs" in key moments that one has to ask when he is truly going to step up. He was huge in the home playoff draw against Chicago (minus the two goals) but the two goals, along with the gaffs against CD Chivas de Guadalajara as well as the away match at Chivas USA, all add up to a guy who shows that he might need more training time than spot light time.

If this trade doesn't work out and Troy is still our #1, I am not going to be in any way unhappy. We still won back to back Supporters Shields with him in the net, and I feel that he will still give us a chance this season... I just feel that Cannon would be a stronger chance that Troy.

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