Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At the Half: USA 0 - 1 England

I have seen worst things. I have seen better things.

Mostly what I have noticed is that the USA is slower off the ball than the England players are. The USA is also giving away too many free kicks, and the bulk of them are being gifted by the defenders. England already burned the USA with one of those freekicks, and had too others that should have been in the goal as well.

If the defenders weren't the worst showing in the first half... Rico Clark definately was. Clark is starting to really worry me with his impression of Pablo "Hulk Smash" Mastroeni. He picked up the huge Red card at the end of the MLS season and the lengthy suspension and seems to have carried more of a chip on his shoulder in his latest matches. I know that his role is the defensive midfield position, but you can play the position without crushing guys every time you come near them.

All in all, considering that Donovan isn't on the field, down 1 goal isn't the worst situation and if the game ends 1-0, then it is an ok result. England needs to pick it up a bit, they should be ahead 3-0 right now.

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Anonymous Dakota said...

Pablo is a good player, Donavon is a good player. The USA has a good team, but sometimes it just gets a little sloppy, or tired, or something. But a 1-0 loss to England isnt horrible

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