Friday, May 02, 2008

I might have ended Ben Olsen's career

Ok, so I have this unlucky knack of jinxing people.

It all started when I played Yahoo Fantasy Football a few years back. I drafted Terrel Davis of the Denver Bronco's in the first round. He was coming off of a huge season and I figured that I would get a ton of points off of him in that season. Instead, he went down in something like the second game of the season with a leg or thigh injury and retired at the end of the season.

Then a few years after that I drafted Micheal Vick in the first round, and he broke his leg in the first game of the season. I did get lucky in that Carson Palmer was my back up and he had a good season, but Vick going down was something my team, or his team would never recover from. I have since stopped playing fantasy football.

Moving to my selection of soccer jersey's, I bought my very first customized soccer jersey a few years ago, it was a DC United jersey with Dema Kovalenko. He left the club shortly after I bought it. I then bought a Manchester United jersey with Ruud van Nistelrooy's name and number on the back, and he was promptly sold to Real Madrid.

As I was having no luck with jersey's, the next two I bought (DC United & Manchester United), I went totally fan boy and put my last name on them, in hopes of not screwing a player with my jersey. That said, thinking that my luck had gotten better, I bought a DC United away jersey last year... with Christian Gomez on it and he left the club.

So that brings us to Ben Olsen. As DC United introduced new jersey's this year (which seem to be gearing up for a little VDub action) I promptly plopped my cash down for a home jersey and decided that I wanted a players name instead of mine on the back. So I thought about it and I figured that the one guy who would never be traded from United, on the current roster, was Ben Olsen. So I picked Olsen and #14 for the back and I have his jersey....

...and now Goff is reporting that Olsen's career might be over due to his ankle problems.

Ben, I am sorry that I cursed you when I bought my jersey.

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