Saturday, July 01, 2006

Missed the chance.

I am not talking about England, I missed the chance to post my predictions for the England vs. Portugal match and the France vs. Brazil match. I suddenly had to go apartment hunting and was unable to get the post done in time.

I was able to watch most of the England vs. Portugal match, mostly Beckham leaving, Rooney returning to his thug life image and marking his first World Cup with a red card ejection. I wonder if the English press will re-print the headline they used in 1998 - "10 brave men, 1 stupid boy!" I watched the match at Ledo's Pizza in Falls Church, and when it went to over time, I told my girlfriend that England will lose in penalty kicks. She asked me why and I told her, "Because, England always loses in European PKs during the Quarter Finals. Sad to see Beckham's last match as Captain end so soon.

Right now I am watching the France vs. Brazil match. I originally picked France to win the tournament, and based on their group play, I changed my mind. As I am watching this match and how Zidane is playing, I will not be surprised if France doesn't win it all. Brazil looks uncreative. The big, fat, slow, clumbsy guy with the yellow shoes; his jersey says Ronaldo, but he doesn't look like Ronaldo has been a waste of space in this match. He had one situation where he got the ball in the box and he just fell down. Terrible. Henry's goal was a ting of beauty. Where the hell was the Brazilian defense? How do any of the Brazilians answer for not having a player mark Henry?

Anyways, the France vs. Brazil match is much more entertaining than the England vs. Portugal match. There is about 13 minutes left, and I will post again right after the final whistle.


Blogger Adrian Sanderson said...

Football World Cup: Portugal goes through 3:1 in penalty shoot-out; England yet again the big looser in penalties. We have seen it all before!

Well done Portugal!!!

England showed again tonight that it does not deserve a place among the best teams in the world; At some point luck - which the English team always enjoys - runs out. Why am I not surprised? So many opportunities missed by England in this game! and there seem to be no one in the English team who knows HOW to score and how to take advantages of these opportunities. And the penalty shoot-out was a total sham by the English team. My god, these players get millions of pounds every year, and still they do not know how to score a simple penalty. We need to admit that our team has ZERO backbone & NULL character. It is sad to admit it, but it is the truth. The only good thing about the whole thing is that we have now seen the very last game under Sven Goran Eriksson - go home sir, we've had enough!

I am delighted however for Portugal - a sympathetic team from a sympathetic country - well done to them!!

I am sad for the English fans, and myself tonight; But I guess that's life

3:50 PM  

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