Wednesday, October 18, 2006

News & Notes 10/18/2006

Champions League
Ok, so I followed the ESPNsoccernet feed for the Chelsea vs. Barcelona match to find out if I need to skip Lost tonight and watch it again (I love having DVR). I really don't think it is a must see tonight, I think it can wait for the weekend. However, it was interesting to see Chelsea pull out the 1-0 victory, especially since Barca seemed to be dropping shots left and right for the last 30 minutes. This rivalry only gets better as they now have the return leg at Nou Camp in 13 days. Mark your calendars.

Bayern Munich continued their 100% run in the Champions League with a 1-0 victory over Sporting Lisbon. Considering that everyone, including myself initially, wrote Bayern off before van Bommel arrived, they seem to be doing ok. They are still hanging around the top of the Bundesliga and are pretty much assured of making the knock-out round of the Champions League this season.

El Classico
Having just moved to Falls Church in August, I am still getting used to having both FSC and Gol TV to catch weekend Euro league soccer. I decided to check Gol TV's website to see if they had anything good this weekend and I found:

Saturday @ 09:00am - Werder Bremen vs. Bayern Munich
Sunday @ 03:00pm - Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Yup, I get to not only watch the match between the top two Bundesliga clubs on Saturday, but I get El Classico on Sunday! Actually, I am gonna have to DVR the Bayern match, as I will be tailgating at the Maryland vs. NC State game that morning. Still, this goes way beyond watching NFL on Sunday.

El Classico. Real vs. Barca. Soccer doesn't get any better than this. Well, maybe live it does. But for someone who has only had to live with having FSC and ESPN as my only home outlets for Euro Soccer, this is like a little slice of heaven dropped into my TV. Add the DC United match that Saturday, and I am gonna have alot of soccer ahead of me. God I love cable TV.


Anonymous Mongoose said...

This mongoose can relate, but i actually have to use a combination of cable providers to reach the GolTV FSC combination. Terrible for the check book but great for the soccer.

Barca 2-1 over Real.


8:38 AM  

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