Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nowak tells Adu to avoid Man U

I just read an article in which DC United Head Coach, Peter Nowak, is quoted as suggesting that should Manchester United offer Freddy Adu a contract, he should decline in search of a deal from a smaller club, with Ajax and PSV being two that Nowak recommends as better fits.

Now this is an issue that is tough for me. I am a die hard DC United supporter and have followed Freddy since before he signed with MLS. I am a Manchester United supporter and if there is ever a chance for the Red Devils to get a creative midfielder that will be able to help the club, I am all for it. I am also a USMNT supporter, one that feels that Freddy has the chance to be the creative attacking midfielder that we desperately need.

So this whole DC United or Manchester United situation for Fred is an interesting situation for me. On one hand, the DC United hand, I honestly do not want to see Freddy return to the club. I think that as long as Gomez remains running the midfield and Donnet comes into the fold and gets on the same page as the rest of the club, then the midfield is in good shape. If Nowak was creative enough, he would drop Jaime into the midfield and once this "Brazilian Striker" appears, have him and Alecko start up front. So I would hope that Freddy does leave soon, around his 18th birthday. If what I expect to happen comes true, then he will play most of the MLS season away with the USNMT anyways, so United should start planning for him to leave now.

On the Manchester United hand, I am hoping that they get help for the run against Chelsea in the EPL and someone who is not cup tied in either the FA Cup, Champions League, or the UEFA Cup (yes, 3rd place in the group might be all SAF can get from his guys now). However, I do not think that the midfield is really the problem, or if there is any space. SAF has Scholes, Carrick, Ronaldo and Giggs that are firmly entrenched in the starting 11. Granted Giggys isn't a spring chick anymore and will need some matches on the bench, playing the some-time starter isn't what Freddy needs right now, nor is that what Manchester United needs right now. They need a striker, Torres from Atletico Madrid or Tevez (who is not available until the summer) from West Ham come to mind. So I do not think that Manchester United need Freddy at this point.

That leaves me with the USMNT hand. This also goes with Freddy himself. The kid has skillz and he will be one amazing attacking midfielder in the USMNT, but not after only 3 season of starting for DC United and not after spending time with the Manchester United bench or reserves. Freddy needs to go to another type of club, one that is smaller and that will provide a lot of playing minutes for the boy. Peter Nowak is correct, Ajax or PSV would be perfect environments for Freddy. They have the big club feel, but they still have the small club positioning. They both provide chances to play in the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, which will both be huge for his development. Going to Holland would be a better fit for Freddy, not Manchester United.

I want to see Freddy develop into a midfield threat like Ballack is for Germany, like Essien is for Ghana or like Lampard is for England. Getting to that level means playing against these guys, in Europe. In one season with Ajax or PSV, Freddy will gain more experience than he has in three seasons with DC United. That isn't a knock against my favorite club, it is just the truth.


Blogger D said...

Well argued.

9:55 AM  
Blogger James Ryddel said...

I agree, good logic. I'd like to see this lad in action though just to see what all the fuss is about. I'm a big red. See my blog.


11:01 AM  

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