Monday, November 20, 2006

Tevez to Old Trafford? Why Not?

I was checking the usual websites for football/soccer news from the weekend and found an article that is reporting that Sir Alex Ferguson is not ruling out the possible acquisition of another striker during the January transfer window. As Saha and Rooney are really SAF's only options up front, bringing in another striker would make perfect sense. The current rumors have a second bid launched for Atletico Madrid's top striker, Fernando Torres. That makes sense as SAF wanted to buy him over the summer and he would still make a good purchase. However, with Athletico most likely still refusing the sale, and the understanding that Torres would be an expensive bench player, the move doesn't look good.

With the need for another top forward for the Red Devils, I am beginning to wonder why SAF doesn't make a call to West Ham and offer to take Carlos Tevez off their hands? They haven't really used him all that much, even though he did start against Chelsea this last weekend. Ever since the drama before his move to West Ham, I felt that United should have tried to buy him, and I heard that they were offered his contract. Speaking of contracts, this whole train of thought came about from a rumor I saw on CNN/ -

"West Ham is reportedly set to take advantage of a clause in the contracts of Argentine internationals Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano and part ways with the duo in January.--" - CNN/

Now, if this does end up being true, this would be the perfect situation for Manchester United and West Ham. West Ham gets to unload a player that they are not using, and make some cash back. United on the other hand, get to bring in a true striker who can rotate through matches with Rooney and Saha. They can also get someone who is not Cup tied in any competitions (as far as I know) so he could play in the knock out rounds of the Champions League and in the FA Cup. United already has Gabriel Henize, who played with Tevez in the World Cup this last summer, as well as the 2004 Summer Olympics. Henize would be able to help Tevez adjust to life at Old Trafford, something that I understand hasn't been able to happen for Tevez at West ham.

I know that I am reaching here, and I have heard that FIFA does have regulations limiting the number of transfers a player can be a part of over the course of a year, but if this is not true, SAF would be out of his mind to not try and get someone of Tevez' skills. West Ham are reportedly being bought by an Icelandic group, so they will surely want to make changes to their club to correct the current downward trend that they are following.

"Tevez and Mascherano have been notable failures and their arrival has even been blamed for unsettling the squad." -

If that quote is true, then it would make sense to move them out ASAP. A move to Old Trafford for Tevez might be just the thing to get him back up to form, and to bring the EPL championship back to United.


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