Monday, November 20, 2006

Long Weekend Stuff

So I took a long weekend away from really doing anything other than relaxing and getting drunk, but I am back. Here is what I missed.

MLS Draft
So Toronto FC picked some guys, traded some guys and seems ready for some other guys to come into town. DC United lost a future prospect in Rod Dyachenko, but retained Clyde Simms and Nick Rimando, the two players who most expected to leave the club for the Queen City. With Brian “Sweater Vest” Carroll possibly moving to Aachen, Germany, Clyde will most likely be moved into the starting defensive midfield slot alongside Benny. With Nick, I feel that DC united actually has some options here for Nicky. As he is one of the better goalkeepers in the league, he should be a valuable option for trade bait. You add the new Beckham Rule allocation and DC United could do very well for itself in the trade market this off season. I can see United sending Rimando to one of the other 12 clubs for maybe two prospects and trading off the Beckham allocation to either LA or RBNY for either a creative midfielder or a forward. I don’t like the guy, but would anyone truly say no to having Amado Guevara and Christian Gomez running the midfield, along with Donnet and Gros on the wings?

Manchester United Win
In a comeback victory over Sheffield United, Manchester United setup their weekend match up against Chelsea exactly how they wanted it, with a 3 point cushion. United looked off at times, and what the hell is with Ronaldo missing two open goals like he did Saturday morning? Rooney missed two great chances, but the biggest difference is that he actually made up for both of them with his two goals, which were absolutely wonderful!

Now Manchester United has their Tuesday Champions league match at Celtic, and considering the SNAFU that they dropped in Copenhagen, I fully expect to have the same starting line up take the pitch against Celtic. Manchester United really needs to win this upcoming match, probably more so that Celtic does. If Celtic fails to get out of the group stage, they should be getting the 3rd place spot and entry into the UEFA Cup. Playing in the UEFA Cup is not that bad a thing for Celtic, as they have been in the tournament numerous times, making the final in 2003 against Porto.

If Manchester United were to fail for the second straight year, heads would surely roll at Old Trafford. United have been sub par in the Champions League for the last 4 to 5 years, usually dropping out in the Round of 16. The best way for SAF to ensure that his club actually gets to the Quarter Finals this season is to win the group, thus avoid playing one of the other group winners. I expect a 2-1 victory from the Red Devils tomorrow. Then it is on to Saturdays clash with Chelsea. That should be one helluva match.


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