Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, they finally scored in the MLS Cup Final

So, after 346 minutes, spanning three MLS Cup Finals, Taylor Twellman scored the first goal ever for the New England Revolution in an MLS Cup Final. Kanu Smith deserved the goal, as it was his hard work that set it up. So New England had five minutes to hold onto the 1-0 win and pick up their first ring.

New England forgot that the overtime wasn't golden goal, and a minute six second after Twellman put them ahead, Brian "I went to Germany instead of you" Ching put in a beautiful header to tie up the match at 1-1. So the match went to penalty kicks and Houston won 4-3 after Noonan and Heaps miffed and had their goals blocked, respectively. So Houston picked up the second CONCACAF Champions Cup spot and New England goes home with a third empty hand.

I do wonder why Deuce didn't take the last penalty kick. Deuce was one of the better players on the field, was his ankle that fragile that wouldn't allow him to take a PK? Have we seen the last of Deuce? Is the Texan Rapper heading overseas?

Ok, so I understand that the match tonight was the last match in the original TV deal with ABC/ESPN, and I hope that this issue has been resolved in the new deal. What I am talking about is that ABC cut right away from the match after the end. They didn't even show the trophy ceremony. WTF??? If I were a Dynamo supporter (I would have been at the match), but DVRing the match, I would have wanted to see the trophy ceremony on tape. Garber, make sure that ABC doesn't cut away next season when DC United are getting one for the thumb.


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