Friday, November 10, 2006

Next Season News

So, the basics:

Toronto to EastPlayoffs;

Top two from each Conference, then next best 4 teams.

30 matches, down from 32

Champs league style format midweek w/MFL

I do not like the idea of having the four next highest clubs, as it still belittles the rest of the season. It does strive to push, but not that much. The same teams would have made it into the playoffs from this season, so what gives? DC would have still played RBNY, FCD would have played Colorado, Chivas would have played the Revolution, Houston vs. Chicago would have been the only changes. Not that big a difference. The Houston vs. Chicago matchup would have been a good one, but this still doesn't scan.

30 matches...I am really interested as to how they are going to do that.

Champions League with are the midweek games going to be handled with the Thursday night matches? I understand that the matches will all be in the USA, which to start is not that bad, but I want to see MLS clubs playing in Mexico with the Mexican supporters dropping bags of urine on the players. That, if anything, builds character.

So some news, but not what people wanted. I hope this gets cleared up and explained further.


Blogger Oscar M. said...

Thanks for all the quick news lately!

3:37 PM  

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