Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First one down: FC Dallas Fire's Clarke

Forgive, I have been in meetings most of the day. When I got back I was pleasantly surprised to see that FC Dallas became the first club this season to lower the hammer on it’s coach, Colin Clarke. While most of the coaching carousel happened during the season (Yallop to LA, Arena to RBNY, Mo to Toronto), Clarke was one of those changes that everyone figured would happen during the off season, considering the self destruction that FC Toro suffered in the playoffs.

There should be at least one more coaching change this off season, two or three depending on the USMNT. Real Salt lake, if smart, should be printing off the Pink Slip for Ellinger considering that he has basically sucked for the entire season. So he should be the next to go. DC United might or might not be changing from the Nowak regime, which is still up in the air. Then you have the USMNT and its head coaching selection.

As most people are expecting, the USSF will probably hire Jurgen Klinsmann as the Head Coach. However, it has been rumored that if Klinsi becomes the head coach, one of two current MLS head coaches will follow him to become his assistant head coach. Sigi in Columbus and Bradley at Chivas USA have been mentioned in different forums as to be Kilnsi's top picks for a deputy. If either one leaves, that will open up yet another head coaching slot.

I would really like to have some new blood brought into MLS. Maybe bring in a coach from the Mexican Premier League or from Brazil, to give another Latin flavor to the league? How about the Head Coach of the University of Maryland, the defending National Champions? Hell, if Bradley leaves to go to the USMNT, bring in Diego Maradona as the new Chivas USA coach. I am sure he has some coaching ideas.


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