Monday, November 06, 2006

US National Team Rumors

In a report I first saw at du Nord, the LA Times is reporting that US Men's National team will be playing a match in the soon to near future.

"The men's national teams of the U.S. and Mexico will play each other in a friendly international at Phoenix on Feb. 7. The game has yet to be officially announced by either federation. Both teams will have new coaches in place by then, with Hugo Sanchez favored to be named Mexico's coach next week and Jurgen Klinsmann is the front runner for the U.S. post." - LA

This type of a match makes sense, as neither side have played since the end of their World Cup runs, why not play each other on a FIFA friendly date?

Now I gotta figure out how to convince the girlfriend to let me go out to Phoenix in the middle of the week in February. Hmmmm.....


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