Monday, November 06, 2006

MLS Cup 2006: FC Fanta vs. Sam Adams FC

I really don't even care anymore right now. I suppose later this week, once the numbness goes away and I can really think, then I will start to really care. Man, do we need a striker.

Anyways, FC Power Station destroyed FC John Denver, 3-1 and if you watched the match, FC Fanta should have had about 4 more goals. De Ro, Ching, Dalglish, and the rest were a holy terror on the Rapids. If it wasn't for Kirovski's PK at the beginning of the match, this would have been 3-0, exactly what Pat Onstad truly deserved. Joe Cannon was about the only bright spot for the Rapids, as he held out through about 5 1 on 1's with Dynamo attackers.

So it is FC Fanta vs. Sam Adams FC in Frisco "Don't call us Dallas" Texas.

FC Fanta 3 - 0 Sam Adams FC

Sam Adams FC doesn't know how to score when the MLS Cup Finals banners are up in the stadium, so they should still fail to find the net. De Ro will get another ring, then make his way up to Toronto to help start the club up in the great white north.

Glad I didn't buy a ticket to the Finals.


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