Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Erpen Man's Up on his play.

Steven Goff has a pretty good piece about the glowing problems that United committed on Sunday night against Red Bull New York. Most of it was covering how Facundo Erpen admitted to his many mistakes in the match, most notably the two that led to the RBNY goal.

"I know I had some mistakes," Erpen said yesterday. "I made some passes that I never did before. Now I need more focus because if we lose the one game against New England, we are out. All the defenders have to concentrate and do the right thing -- no mistakes." - The Washington

I am happy that Facundo has decided to Man Up and admit to messing up Sunday night, but I am still not buying anything that the United players say anymore, not until they come clean with the same "thing" on the field. Turn in 90 minutes of soccer, at the passion and work rate that we all know that you guys can produce, then we will all believe what you say.

"It was a nightmare," forward Alecko Eskandarian said of the entire team's defensive effort. "We've got to do better than that or we're going to get punished." - The Washington

Show us on the field that you guys feel this way. Take shots, don't get outshot 4-0 in the first half again. You cannot score if you don't shoot. The defensive effort was bad, but the offensive effort was less than wonderful as well, Mr. Head Gear.

Goff also briefly mentioned that Gomez and Olsen did not practice yesterday due to needing to recover from the match Sunday night. I honestly thing that the guys should have had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off the field, just working in the gym and watching tape. Get the guys on the field on Thursday, Friday and lite work on Saturday. Give the guys a rest.


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