Monday, October 30, 2006

Great quote from the NY Times

I just read the NY Times article on the DC United vs. Red Bull New York match and I loved reading this little part -

"That sent the crowd of 21,455 into a frenzy that rattled the aging R.F.K. Stadium. It was a fitting present for these soccer-savvy fans, especially after they saw their team bow out ungracefully from the playoffs last year with a 4-0 loss to the Chicago Fire in the first round. The crowd was draped in black and their involvement in the game created an atmosphere reminiscent of matches in the soccer-crazed countries of the world. The fans continuously beat drums, rang bells, chanted, waved flags and bounced up and down.

It was an environment that Altidore, who will turn 17 in a week, appreciated. He recalled watching United midfielder Ben Olsen raising his arms late in the game to urge on the crowd on.

“I wish I could play in front of fans like that week in and week out,” said Altidore, adding that he would not trade in his New York fans for anything." - NY

I tell ya, watching the Houston vs. Chivas USA match last night, the Texan Army can bring it, but seeing all 21,455 faneruptpt when Christian scored, that is something you cannot bottle. Sorry, 21,425 fans alerupteded, the 30 or so RBNY fans in the upper deck sank in their seats.


Blogger Mike H said...

If it is a Houston-DC final, Dallas will be a crazy place.

1:44 PM  

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