Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well, that sucked.

Watching DC United lose 1-0 sucked. Watching United make lazy ineffective moves in the attacking third sucked. Watching the Revolution score on a drab counter attack sucked. Watching the Revolution celebrate with the Eastern Conference Trophy sucked.

The thing that sucked the most was that in the 71st minute, I knew we wouldn't score, thus we were going to lose. I knew because I realized that even though our defenders and midfielders were winning the ball and pushing it forward, no one, I mean no one, was making a run off the ball towards the Revolution goal. I am not certain if this is because our midfielders would not make passes into the box in favor of an outside pass to try a cross; or if it was the other way around. No one made the runs, so the midfielders wouldn't even try the inside pass.

I really don't know. DC United actually looked pretty good tonight. They played great defense, except the shoddy goal that was allowed from Twellman. Erpen did not play the usual game that he had, meaning he didn't have his usual 2 brain farts and gift a chance on goal. Our attacking efforts sucked big time.

Steve Goff has been talking about the chance that United will sign a Brazilian forward for next season. I am really hoping that this happens. In first thoughts right now, I want to have Jaime move into the midfield, since he plays there anyhow, and have Gros move to the bench. Have a better true striker up front with Alecko. Someone who will take first shots. I also want Freddy to get into the habit to accept the pass, and already know who and where to pass to, after his first step. Have Donnet move into the starting 11, given that he knows what he is doing, just make sure he has the fitness.

We have three months, I will see everyone out at Maryland Soccerplex for the first match of the CONCACAF Champions Cup. I hope that Nowak, or whom ever they have at the helm, have figured out what the hell is going on, and how to get everything out of everyone.


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