Monday, November 06, 2006

I really wanna know what he is smoking.

Los Angeles Galaxy President, Alexi Lalas, was quoted by the BBC as saying that, well read the quote yourself -

""For many people the Los Angeles Galaxy are looked upon as the jewel of MLS," he said." - Alexi Lalas, from the BBC

Everytime this ass clown opens his mouth, I either want to cry because he is just talking to hear his voice, or scream, because he truly believes the drivol that he spews forth. Last time I checked, the LA Galaxy have the following 5 championships/trophy's:

- 2 US Open Cup
- 2 MLS Cup
- 1 CONCACAF Champions Cup

You can through in two Supporter's Shield's as well if you feel like it. That would make the Galaxy the owners of 7 championships/trophy's. Very nice.

Yes, that is more than most in MLS, but if you toss out the two Supporters Shield's, then the Galaxy would have 5 Championships, which would be the same as the Chicago Fire, who have:

- 1 MLS Cup
- 4 US Open Cup

Granted the Supporters Shield inclusion does increase the Galaxy to 7 championships or trophy's. Chicago, if you add it's Supporters Shield trophy, moves up to 6. So simply saying that the LA Galaxy are the jewel of the league, with 7 championships/trophy's, when one team is right behind them, isn't that strong a statement.

Damn, I forgot, and Alexi must have as well, but the Galaxy don't even have the most trophy's in MLS. That record is held by DC United.

DC United have the following championships/trophy's:

- 1 US Open Cup
- 4 MLS Cup
- 3 Supporters Shield
- 1 CONCACAF Champions Cup
- 1 Interamerican Cup

Who's the jewel bitch?

So you guys have your own stadium. Very nice. So do three other clubs, idiot. One of those clubs that has their own stadium in Chicago, you know, the club that has the same number of trophy's as you do (sans Supporters Shield)? Two more stadiums enter the league next season. Red Bull New York will open their stadium in 2008, and by the marketing pictures, that will be a much nicer stadium that the Tool Box.

Alexi Lalas can try and label whatever club he works for "Super Club" as much as he wants. He tried at New York and now he is trying in LA. The last "Super Club" in the USA was the Cosmos, which folded along with the league it supported. Watch out how you use the whole "Super Club" moniker there bub, you really wanna be the guy who kills MLS?


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