Tuesday, November 07, 2006

DC United Off Season News

As always, the best source of information for DC United news is to go to Steve Goff of the Washington Post. Goff has a piece that outlines some of the "things" that United face in this 10 week off season before they return to start training for the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Some of those issues:

- The Sale of the club. It is assumed that the sale of DC United to the real estate firm run by Brad Davis. Hopefully this sale will be finalized and completed over the next 10 weeks, as this sale has impacts on some of the other issues that United have to deal with.

- The Return of Nowak? Coach Peter Nowak's contract expires at the end of December, and assuming that the rumored European club coaching interest doesn't pan out, Nowak should be returning for his fourth season. I am going to reserve judgment on this particular issue, as I have stated my case before for why I don't think he should be fired, but I want to do more "soul searching" on this.

-The Freddy factor. Freddy seems to think that he has the power to bend European labor laws and sign with a Euro club before he turns 18. As I understand it, and I could be wrong, Freddy cannot sign a contract until he turns 18, as he is not an EU citizen. I still stand by my thoughts that Freddy will remain a member of United until July, when he signs a contract with Chelsea, then gets loaned out to a Spanish or Italian side for a year.

Honestly, I don't want Freddy back. I, as a DC United supporter, am tired of the little brat and his slow thinking on the ball. I would much prefer having Donnet in his place. I think time over in Europe will force Freddy to think faster on the ball, and make him a much better player, and as a USMNT supporter, that is what I want him to become.

- Carrolling for a new gig? Goff mentions that Brian Carroll might be shopping himself to some of the other clubs in MLS, as his contract is up at the end of the season as well. I wish him the best; I would like to have him back, but if he was one of only 2 guys we lose this season, Clyde being the other, I would not worry that much.

- New Deal for the MVP? Christian Gomez is entering the final season of his contract, and United feel that they must restructure his contract, and extend it, to lock him up after 2007. I want this guy to remain at United until he turns 33. They need to lock this guy up.

- Donnet or not? Matias Donnet and United need to work out a new contract for Donnet for the next season, as it appears he signed a short term contract for the end of the 2006 season. I hope that he returns. He is 26, has a proven record and I feel that if he is given the chance to truly gel with the other players and grow into whatever system United uses next season (GOD PLEASE, 4-4-2!!!) I think we will be able to see Donnet show us how good a player he is.

- New Striker. Brazilian or American? It seems we have some options. Who ever it is, please, take shots like Twellman did in the 4th minute? I like this idea, and it plays into my desires to see Jaime drop back into the midfield. Have Jaime, Gomez, Donnet and Olsen run the midfield, with Erpen, Boz, Namoff and Gros on the back line. Esky and (insert new strikers name) up front.

- Tournaments Next Season. - United start their play in the CONCACAF Champions Cup the last week of February, and hopfully will have at least 4 matches in that tournament. Goff mentions a couple of matches in Libya (I wouldn't do it, but that is me) and the MLS/Mexican League tournament next season. It appears that the 2007 version of the tournament will only take place in the USA, with 4 clubs from each league. The four from MLS will be invited to participate, with the following four being the rumors right now:

- DC United
- LA Galaxy
- Houston Dynamo
- Chicago Fire

Although, I have seen Chivas USA's name in there, as well as FC Dallas. I assume that later this month, when Garber & Co. announce this event, we will find out who is in it.


Blogger The Manly Ferry said...

WHAT!?!? Where's New England for the Mexico tournament?! We've got SIX straight conference finals (or was it five...?)! What does it take!?

Seriously, as much as I'd like to see the Revs in the mix, I can live with the four teams named. DC's the banner team, LA's been consistent as well and, along with Houston, they've got that border-proximity thing working for them. Chicago's bit of mystery what with their attendance this season and they haven't performed like the Revs in recent years...

...is it the relentless Europhilia of New Englanders? Is that the problem? Just tell us how we failed! WWWHHHYYYYY!!!!!

4:01 PM  

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