Thursday, November 09, 2006

Your 2006 MLS MVP: Christian Gomez

At Pizza Hut Park, Don Garber announced that DC United midfielder, Christian Gomez was named the 2006 MLS Honda MVP.

Wow, like no one saw this coming.

The other two guys who were nominated, Real Salt Lake's Jeff Cunningham and Houston Dynamo's Dwayne De Rosario were excellent this season, Cunningham dropped 16 goals this season, but since his club sucked, his individual performance was pretty much overlooked. The other reason it was overlooked was because Gomez and De Rosario had absolutely excellent seasons.

De Rosario was such a key part of the FC Fanta run that they had, all the way to the MLS Cup final this weekend. The only reason why he wasn't the MVP was because Gomez put in one of those "Superman" type seasons.

Ok, now that Christian has been recognized as the best there is, I now expect to have the United front office resign the guy and pay him more.

Congratulations Gomito!!!


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