Friday, November 10, 2006

MLS Awards Recap and other stuff....

So the biggest unkept secret in US Soccer, other than Jurgen Klinsmann waiting in the wings at USSF, was announced yesterday as Christian Gomez was presented the Honda MVP award. I went back and checked how I did on my prognostications for the awards this season, and I didn't do badly. I made five predictions, and only missed one.

My Predictions
MLS Honda MVP: Christian Gomez (Correct)
Defender of the Year: Bobby Boswell (Correct)
Goalkeeper of the Year: Troy Perkins (Correct)
Coach of the Year: Bob Bradley (Correct)
Comeback Player of the Year: Chris Armas (Incorrect)

So I missed Richard Mulrooney knocking off Chris Armas for the Comeback player of the Year award. I figured that with Chicago's run in the USOC, Armas would get some consideration over Mulrooney, but I failed to count on two things: first, the USOC run means dick when affecting MLS season awards; and second Mulrooney was coming back from a torn right ACL and to come back and be the man in the defense, that is pretty big.

I didn't make any speculations on the Rookie of the Year Award, as there were no DC United players up for it. Bernstein won, just as everyone expected. However, I do feel that the league should have considered Kenny Cooper. Yes, Cooper had spent several seasons with Manchester United, but I honestly cannot remember any time that Cooper saw on the field with the Red Devils. So he moves to MLS and FC Dallas, for his first season here, I would still consider him a rookie. I understand that they figure your rookie season being your first professional season, and they might be right. Other leagues in the USA don't, the MLB for example gave Ichiro the Rookie of the Year honors, after playing several pro seasons in Japan. That situation is one I do not agree with, as Ichiro was not a rookie, just a rookie in MLB, just as Cooper was to MLS. I would hope for a happy medium here. If the guy has some "pro" experience, but less that 2 years of actual field time, he should be considered for a rookie honor.


MLS announced that the MLS Cup has sold out, with all 20,500 seats taken. I am happy that they were able to sell out the match, but damn, 20,500 for a championship match? MLS, please start holding this event in larger stadiums, please?

Don Garber will be making the State of the League today at 1pm EST. I expect to hear more information about the MLS/MSL tournament next year and maybe some movement on the San Jose club issue. Expect him to highlite Toronto FC and their stadium as well as Colorado's stadium next season as well.


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