Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who are the idiots on TV?

I am sitting here watching the MLS Cup Half-Time Show, with the TV muted because some jokes are bouncing around, under some giant influence or something. Can't MLS get anyone decent to perform? Big'n Rich? Metallica? Bon Jovi? Oh wait, I forgot, they only play for the NFL, the league without supporters, just fans.

Anyways, so with the scoreline 0-0, (which Rod Stoner was so nice to point out that the last two 0-0 halftime scorelines also had the Revolution playing in them), I figured I would checkout the specs of the Beckham rule that was announced this morning.

So MLS is expanding the salary cap (good) and will allow each club to have the "High Profile" player added to their roster. Clubs can sell these allocations, if they feel that they don't need a trophy head player, so that other clubs can use these extra allocations to bring in more high profile players, limited to 2 per club. As LA, Chivas, and FC Dallas already have players that will fill those spots, expect several other clubs to end up selling their "Beckham" spots to LA, Chivas or Dallas. New York should be one of the clubs that ends up picking up two of those roster spots.

I am not sure how well this will work out. I am hoping that increase in the salary cap will allow the clubs that don't go and get high profile players, will still be able to sign high impact players and remain competitive. If DC United sells off their allocation, but still finds another Christian Gomez, then I am fine with this program. If we start to see some of the clubs get buried by the clubs that get high profile guys, then MLS will have to resolve the problem. Garber & Co. have set this up to expire in 2009, so it does have a built in "re-examination period. Hopefully they will keep this under watch for the next two seasons.


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