Sunday, November 19, 2006


So the MLS/FMF tournament that has been rumored for some time has had "info" leaked over on Logan's Revenge. The format looks like it will be two groups of four, each team playing each other. I would assume that the matches would be home and away, however we have heard that this tournament will be played entirely in the USA in 2007, so home and away wouldn't really be possible this go around.

Here is what might be the tournament line-up:

Group A
FC Dallas
CD Chivas Guadalajara
Los Angeles Galaxy
CD Cruz Azul

Group B
DC United
CF America
Chicago Fire SC
CA Monarcas Morelia

Evidently, Garber & Co. decided that the four MLS clubs that would take part in the tournament this year would be chosen from the following:

2006 Eastern Division Season Leader (most points)
2006 Western Division Season Leader (most points)
2006 US Open Cup Winner
2005 MLS Cup Winner

The two Conference leader spots makes sense, this is a way that MLS can increase the importance of the regular season, outside of just trying to get to the playoffs. I am happy to see the USOC spot created, as it increases importance of that tournament and if this is true, actually opens this tournament up to a USL club taking part as well as MLS clubs, considering that USL clubs could win the USOC.

The last one is a weird one. The 2005 MLS Cup winner? Uh...why? Is that because that happened to be the LA Galaxy? Is that because they wanted the Galaxy to be a part of the first tournament and have the Home Depot Center as a main part of the tournament? If these are all the real reasons that the 2005 MLS Cup winner is one of the slots that qualifiess, then I still have no problem.

One thing that I think most people have to understand is that this tournament, the 2007 edition, is the first one. MLS and the FMF will want to ensure that they have fan support and sponsorship support for this first edition, and to ensure that they have enough support for a 2008 edition. I can understand why they "chose" the MLS clubs for the first edition. As long as the first tournament, the launching tournament, is the only one where they cherry pick the clubs, then it is ok. I expect to have MLS announce the rules regarding who qualifies for the 2008 tournament and whatever the tournament champion wins, before the 2007 tournament.

I am a little puzzled why MLS wouldn't have selected the 2006 MLS Cup winner, but this goes back to the whole desire to have the Galaxy involved in the first tournament, so they came up with the legitimate "slots." Again, if these are the selection criteria that Garber & Co. are using, I look forward to hearing why they omitted the 2006 MLS Cup winner.

Assuming that DC United does take part in this tournament, then they will be busier next season than they were this season. They would be involved in the following events:

- MLS regular season
- US Open Cup
- CONCACAF Champions Cup
- MLS/FMF "Superliga"

They will have 30 MLS matches, 2 CONCACAF Champions Cup matches (at minimum), 1 USOC match (at minimum) and 6 MLS/FMF matches. That is 39 matches, I hope that the club is ready for it.

I am looking forward to this tournament, especially if DC United does take part and gets to host Club America in a home match at RFK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully Novak learned from last year team losing steam in the stretch and strengthen his bench for this year. The bench will be the difference in United's success this year.

5:12 PM  

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