Monday, November 13, 2006

Fox Soccer Channel Stepping it Up

It appears that Fox Soccer Channel will be expanding its MLS coverage for the 2007 season. By adding a full three hours worth of coverage for their Saturday broadcasts, it looks like FSC will be providing a much broader amount of coverage for the league. With the matches being 2 hours each, it appears that FSC will have a 30 minute preview show, broadcast live from the stadium and a 30 minute post-match show that will cover highlites and recap other MLS matches that weekend.

This is a very good step in the direction of providing more and up to the minute information that viewers can get from the TV, thus keeping the viewers watching the TV instead of resorting to only having the info available on the internet. The more coverage that MLS has, the more chances they will get more viewers and retain them once they start watching.

This might be the best news for the league in the upcoming season. Now if we could only have FSC get some quality commentators.


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