Monday, November 13, 2006

Woeful MLS Marketing

I spent part of my lunch break wandering the aisles of Target in search of Centrum, Gatoraid and a Masterlock. As I came upon the sporting goods section, I found myself infront of their soccer balls and I saw that they were indeed carrying the MLS adidas balls. They had several size 4 MLS colored soccer balls and two size 5 LA Galaxy color schemed balls with the Galaxy logo.

I live in the DC area, which for those who haven't heard, has it's own MLS club, DC United. DC is on the East Coast, LA on the West Coast. Why the hell would you be advertising a club on the other side of the country and not have the local club ball? I would understand if all the DC United soccer balls had sold out, but why even carry the LA Galaxy balls?

Someone at MLS Marketing has dropped some serious balls here.


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