Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still Blowing Hard to the May Election

FIFA President, Sepp Blatter once again came out in defense of South Africa as the host of the 2010 World Cup. He says that the progress that South Africa has made up to now is more than Germany had made at this time in their build up to the 2006 World Cup. He says that South Africa only needs to build 5 stadiums and renovate 1.

Blatter is simply running his mouth so that he can ensure that his re-election in may comes with the support of the African nations. Blatter is so found of saying everything that South Africa is doing to improve itself to meet FIFA standards and how if you know where the crime is, then you know where not to go and thus, you are safe. Sometimes I wonder if he even lives on this planet.

Blatter should be asking if South Africa needs to spend some $1.1 Billion on Soccer stadiums, two of which will be so large that after the World Cup, they will never be filled to capacity again and will become a gigantic "white elephant." I am sure that we will hear that after the World Cup, the 70,000 stadiums will have their capacities reduced and such. But won't that cost the South African government more money? Money that they should be spending somewhere else?

Let's get one thing clear here; I want to see a successful World Cup in South Africa. I do not want them to lose the World Cup, but the more I see FIFA impose higher standards and guidelines on a developing nation for a sporting event, the more I ask myself if the money isn't going to the wrong places. I understand that because of the World Cup, the transportation system in the country will become safer and improved. I understand that because of the World Cup, that 10,000 more police will be hired and should provide a safer environment for all South Africans. The two things that has me uneasy about this is: I feel that the amount of money that the government is spending on the soccer stadiums should be spent towards other domestic issues. The second thing is that with all the improvements that are being introduced because of the World Cup, should be introduced regardless of the World Cup. Why should the South African government be forced to increase security and safety, just because of the World Cup? I can't understand this.

As for Germany having less done at this point 4 years ago, well that was because Germany already had the infrastructure in place and running. They really only needed to renovate their stadiums, as Alliance Arena was being built by Bayern & 1860. Yes, the stadium hosting World Cup matches was a reason for the two clubs to build the new stadium, but the clubs had the ability to build the stadium, not the German government. I don't really think that Blatter knows what he is really talking about.

I know, lets have Blatter and Bush debate each other, first one to either make up a word or a statistic gets a pie in the face.


Blogger Yzerfontein said...

There's no doubt that the Soccer World Cup 2010 is a very good thing for South Africa, but you hit the nail on the head that South Africa (encouraged by Fifa) is producing a white elephant in Cape Town and Durban.

12:11 AM  

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