Sunday, November 26, 2006

1-1: United draw with Chelsea

So after the 90 minutes of highly anticipated football, Manchester United remain 3 points ahead of Chelsea in first place in the EPL. Louis Saha scored a wonder goal in the first half to give United the 1-0 lead. In the second half Chelsea leveled the scoreline at 1-1 off of an excellent corner cross from Lampard that Carvahlo got on the end of. Saha actually got a head on it and prevented Van Der Sar from getting a hand on the ball.

I will accept the draw, it still gives United the 3 point lead and didn't reduce the goal advantage that the have in the title chase. The thing that bugs me the most is that the game should have been 3-1, for United. Christiano Ronaldo blew, absolutely blew two wonder crosses that fell to his feet right in front of the Chelsea goal. Had he actually did anything with either ball, United would have had a 2-0 lead and that would have put Chelsea on more of a frantic pace.

The thing that bugged me the most of Ronaldo blowing both crosses is that he did the same thing several times last week at Sheffield United, however Wayne Rooney was able to salvage the match and get the 3 points. I want to know why Ronaldo hesitates and doesn't keep his focus on the ball? Once or maybe twice, I can understand, but for the last two EPL matches, Ronaldo has blown the very same type of open goal situations. WTF?

Overall, today's match was a very good one. Both clubs showed why they are 1 & 2. The match did show me why United needs to drop alot of coin and buy Torres from Atletico Madrid. When United was in dire need of a true attacking kick start, SAF was only able to put O'Shea and Fletcher on the field. Granted Fletcher scored the match winner last season, he isn't much of an offensive spark.


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