Friday, December 01, 2006

Larsson loan to Old Trafford

Former Celtic and Barcelona striker, Henrik Larsson has agreed to a three month loan spell with Manchester United. He will report in January after the transfer window is opened. His loan term ends in March, as the Swedish league starts. As Larsson's club, Helsingborg did not play in the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Cup, Manchester United will be able to have him suit up for either event (assuming that Benfica denies United a second straight year).

Finally a club starts addressing areas that it needs to fix, rather than bringing in guys who might just sit on the bench. This should save SAF from having to drop a ton of cash on Torres from Atletico Madrid and it might even open up the chance that Carlos Tevez* could move to Old Trafford in the off season. Hopefully Larsson will be able to give Saha and Rooney some rest here and there and provide some goals as well. Hell, if he provides the type of spark that he did in the Champions League Final for Barcelona, that is more than anyone could ask for.

* - Yes, I know that this is a pipe dream, but damn it, it is my pipe dream! Tevez would make a great addition to the United roster, and with Rooney, Tevez and Saha all rotating in and out of the United line up, United would be able to give them all proper amounts of rest as well as ensure that they have world class strikers on the pitch in just about every match.


Blogger kebmodee said...

larsson is a fantastic addition to MUFC and I hope he can stay thru to the end of the season and not leave in March.

4:41 PM  

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