Friday, January 26, 2007

DC United SuperLiga match moved to Houston

DC United was unable to secure an alternate venue for the final group match of the SuperLiga against Houston, so the match was moved to Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle. The match is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1st. RFK Stadium had been selected to host this match, but unfortunately, MLS never bothered to check the RFK schedule and failed to see that the Washington Nationals, the MLB ball club, will be in the middle of a three game series with the Cincinnati Reds that night.

DC United tried to get the match moved to Richmond, Baltimore or Philadelphia, but none of those options materialized. So now the match will take place at Robertson Stadium.

This sucks for the United supporters, as we were getting the chance to see all three group phase matches at home. However, I actually see this as a better thing for the club. This will give them at least one away match, which will make things more interesting and challenging. Would it have been easier to play all three matches at home? Yeah, sure it would have been, but since MLS never bothered to even check logistics of their scheduling, United now have a road game. It's not like the end of the world, its just Houston.



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