Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Soccer News & Notes: 1/24/2007

Reyna it is
Red Bull New York will be introducing Claudio Reyna today at 1pm, according to Ives. RBNY will be using one of their two DPA's to cover Reyna's salary, which will leave them with one more DPA to bring in another player. Reyna will be brought it to become the club Captain and run the midfield, pretty much making him a direct swap for Guevara. It looks as if Arena is planning on having his midfield run by Renya and van den Bergh, who they traded for several weeks ago.
This is a good thing for RBNY. It brings in a high profile American player to the club, one that most core US soccer supporters will be able to identify. It also give Arena a guy he can trust out on the field and will allow them to bring in an other high profile European player. Even though I don't particularly like RBNY, I hope that Claudio stays healthy, as he does seem to have quite a history of getting injured.
Rocky inspires Watford/DeMerit to victory
Watford manager Adrian Boothroyd sent the entire first team to watch the latest installment of the Rocky series, Rocky Balboa, before their EPL match with Rovers. I guess watching a 60 year old boxer lit a spark in his players, as they secured only their second victory yesterday over Blackburn Rovers. American Jay DeMerit scored the match winner in the 70th minute off of a header. Watford are still last in the EPL.
If you haven't seen Rocky Balboa yet, take a look. It is more like the first movie than any of the other ones. I still like Rocky IV though, something about Ivan Drago saying, "I must break you," that makes it great! Now Watford needs to get Sly to come to one of their home matches, Rocky did wear yellow after all!


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