Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Champions League: Quick One

I followed the Manchester United vs. AC Milan match on-line, so I haven't any player performance comments for now. I am a little surprised at how well United seemed to do in the attack, at least for the first 15 or so minutes. It appeared that Milan was shocked as well.

I DVR'd the match, and I plan on watching it later tonight once I get home. After that I should have more in the way of my opinions.

3-2, it isn't that bad. It does make Milan have to come out and try and score in order to advance, which should give United a chance to get an away goal of their own. They will be without Evra regardless of his fitness as he picked up a Yellow card that will rule him out of the away leg. If Rio, Neville or Vidic don't return bye next week, the back line will look awfully thin.

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