Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just about that time...retirement?

It always sucks to come to a sad realization when you figure out that you can no longer do what it is you love. My grandfather had a really hard time accepting that right before he died, he was no longer capable of driving, his reflexes were just too slow to handle a car. It was hard for most of my family to watch him try and drive, and it was even harder once he recognized his situation.

I think Kasey Keller is in this very same type of situation and I am not alone in this thought. Keller has said that if he doesn't get the right type of job offer, that he might retire from soccer. He says this as he also says that he has received several different offers, which makes me think that he hasn't been getting any starting offers or ones that aren't in Top Flight leagues. I would not be surprised if he does retire this summer.

I am not saying this simply based on the CNN/SI article or based on Adam Spangler's piece on Keller, I am saying this after watching him have more an more trouble in the goal this summer on the national stage than I ever remember Keller ever having. Last night we saw these problems allow two goals. Keller has lost a step and in soccer, if you aren't able to pounce on a ball, especially as a goalkeeper, you are done.

The first goal, I have to believe that the Kasey Keller of two or three years ago would have been off his line faster and disrupted the play. In all fairness, had his defenders actually done their jobs (Bornstein, don't watch the ball roll bye you, kick at it son) his job would have been a little less risky in goal. However, that last goal was less of a perfect strike (it was a great free kick) and more to do with the fact that Keller's feet just weren't fast enough.

Sadly, I think that despite the fact that the USA is still technically alive and could still make the Quarter finals, I really think that Brad Guzan needs to get the start this Thursday against Columbia. If this trip to the Copa America is really a learning situation for these guys, Guzan has got to get a game. Considering the reality of the situation, Keller should be on the bench.

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Blogger QJA said...

Casey Keller has contributed greatly to the US MNT over the past years and for that, US soccer is indebted to his service.

That said, I completely agree. It's time for Keller to hit the hay. I hope he comes back soon; his contribution doesn't have to end because he can't play. His expertise in goal would benefit many a young, up-and-coming keeper, and much like the popular sentiment that Brian McBride should come stateside and coach for USSA, I think Keller should become resident goalkeeper coach for the US senior and youth MNT. (Howard's just fine; I'm mostly thinking about Keller as a mentor for Seitz/Guzan/Perkins & Co.)

8:36 AM  
Blogger Rahul said...

Keller has always been very overrated as a goal keeper. I think he did not have a single save in WC06. Even yesterday- he could only stop shots that were hit straight at him. Time for Bradley to give a younger guy a shot.

10:38 AM  

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