Monday, July 23, 2007

Match Recap: DC United 0 - 1 Red Bull New York

Just when we thought we were beginning to pick up speed, the wheels have officially come off the United Express.

Yesterday's match at New York was really a continuation of the second half against FC Dallas. Our play was pretty poor and we had trouble doing the small things like string passes together properly. The RBNY midfielders only had to keep Gomez from really getting any space at all and that led to our entire offense choking on the astro-turf.

I am beginning to feel that the problem is that we don't have enough guys to do the right jobs. We have the guys to work with, Gomez, Fred, Moreno, Gros, Olsen, Emillio; they are all capable of taking it to anyone in the league. That said, once one of them falls off the map, the players who are forced to step in just don't have the same shoe size. Because of this problem, I think that I have a solution, assuming that all of the none talk that United's front office has been doing concerning Veron means that he could become the United DP.

I suggest, assuming that Veron is signed by United, that Soehn begin to use a rotation system among Gomez, Fred and Moreno. Have Veron anchor the midfield with Olsen on his right and Gros on his left. Have Emillio start up front in the forward position. This is where we begin to see the rotation fill in. The second forward role and the attacking midfield role will be constantly rotated through the three of these guys. One week, we see this formation:

Namoff - Boswell - Vanney - Burch
Olsen - - - - - - - - - Gros
Fred - - Emillio
This gives us two guys on the wings who have proven that they can get up the side of the field and also know how to provide enough defensive support out there to give the defenders enough time to position themselves properly.
Veron can anchor the midfield and help bridge between the defense and offense. In this line-up, he will partner with Gomez and help with the launch of the attacks. Have Fred up front with Emillio. Fred and Gomez can switch on and off in and out of the midfield as they see fit.
Using this rotation, and assuming that he is healthy, we have Moreno to come in off the bench. He comes in at half time or the 60th minute and adds a spark to the side. He did it several times last year, most notably completely changing the USOC match against RBNY at RFK last year.
The basic idea is that if Veron were to be brought in, a player of his skill and caliber can essentially free up an entire player to be rotated in and out of entire matches. Gros could get a week off and have Fred take his spot, with Gomez, Moreno and Emillio up front. Olsen could get a week off in the same fashion.
Right now, United can really only count on Emillio, Moreno, Olsen, Gomez, Fred, Boswell, Vanney, Namoff, Perkins, & Gros. After these guys, there is a severe drop off in performance and production. Brian Carroll, Clyde Perkins, Rod Dyachenko, Jay Nolly & Nick Addlery are really not on the same level as the first group of players and when these guys are called in to replace any of the other guys, we begin to really lose our shape and composure. By simply adding Veron, this would give us an extra player to rotate through the line ups which will allow for other players to be rested at points through the season.
So the only question is where do we find $20 million for the Argentine midfielder?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

To say that Clyde Simms, not Clyde Perkins as you referred to him in the post, isn't on the same level as the rest of the group is a major underestimation of what Clyde Simms brings to the pitch. United is 11-1-4 this season when he starts games. He's extremely consistent and works hard off the ball. Along with others, he's the a part of the backbone that has made D.C. United Successful.

4:16 PM  

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