Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SuperLiga Match Recap: DC United 1 - 1 Morelia

God damn am I disappointed.

I really want to know what happened. At what point did the entire club lose their heart and desire and their want to win? Was it after they pasted RBNY for four goals? Was it after they knocked four goals in against the Colorado Rapids? Did they ever have these qualities at all?

I saw a lazy club out there tonight. I saw Fred barely jog to balls that were kicked at his direction. I saw him stop and stand in place when he should have been running to try and create space for Gomez or anyone and give them a target to pass to. I saw Fred stop his runs, to stand and see what would happen next.

I saw Rod (Splinters in my Ass) Dyachenko fail to remain up in the forwards position during the first half and force Emillio to remain alone surrounded by four Morelia defenders. Once Rod was removed, I saw a poor man’s Jamil Walker come onto the field and basically look horrible (Nick Adderly).

Brian Carroll, please do us all a favor and quit your day job. I saw that Giant was hiring, I am sure you could find at least one job there you can’t screw up. Carroll’s passes were too soft, they were more like give away’s. He doesn't understand the concept of continuing a run to help the guy who you just tried to pass to. People wonder why a guy like Veron would make a world of difference in the United line up, it’s because Brian Carroll wouldn’t make the field with Veron starting in front of him.

DC United let their fans down tonight. Two simple tap in’s should have yielded a 3-1 score line and a victory. Instead, the simple art of just tapping the ball failed to make its way into the minds of two Brazilians and they decided to destroy the ball ala “HULK SMASH!!!” style. Instead a simple 1-0 match is given away to a wonderfully taken goal.

In the 30th minute I said to myself that the match would end up 1-1.

A quick way to try and assist the entire club on how to play soccer is to watch the game film, and see how Morelia moved. They were always running off of the ball and creating dangerous runs into the box. Even though half of their passes were snuffed out, they still had the mindset to make those runs and give the players a target to pass to, instead of standing still watching the ball get picked from their teammate.

So now we let 2 points go away and we now have to face the two tougher clubs in the group. I do not see United getting anything more than 1 point against America and I have a feeling that the Dynamo drop United like a rock. United will not make it out of the group phase.

Jesus, the two assholes who ran onto the field had more heart and desire than United did tonight. That is sad.

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Blogger QJA said...

I'll excuse Fred because he puts in a superhuman effort every week and these midweek fixtures really take their toll, but Dyachenko and Addlery are fairly inexcusable. We really need some depth up top much more than we need it on defense.

10:54 AM  

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