Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cult of Bozilla no more

Bobby Boswell has been traded to the Houston Dynamo for goalkeeper Zach Wells , as reported by Steve Goff.

I am not so sure about this trade. You get a back up goalkeeper to potentially replace your current starter who might be heading to the Norseland, by trading away one of your central defenders? Did Greg Vanney suddenly get faster in the off season and younger? Is this the sign that Devon McTavish is getting a shot at central midfield or does Kevin Payne have the rumored international central defender lined up and ready to sign?

As this trade has been agreed upon, I would now assume that Perkins will be sold to Norwegian club Valerenga in the very near future. Hopefully Troy's development improves and this move gets him the much needed experience that will help him try and edge his way into the USMNT player pool. Best of luck to Troy if he does leave.

If Troy doesn't get sold to Valerenga, having Zach Wells as the deputy goalkeeper gives us much more depth in the nets, but as Goff first reported, all of this trade business started with the offer for Troy, so I assume that we will see Wells as our starter and Jay Nolly backing him up next season.

So long Boz, enjoy Houston and FC Fanta, they have a great supporters group, so you should feel at home.

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