Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Update - Las Vegas

Sorry for skipping out over the weekend, I made a quick trip out to Las Vegas for a friend's 30th Birthday. I had a great time, won some money, drank less than I should have and enjoyed the whole weekend.

One thing that I did manage to miss was the USMNT match. As I was there for a birthday, I was sorta stuck with birthday related things, compounded to that was the fact that I couldn't find a Sports Book in either the Venitian or Ceasars Palace that would show the match. Not only that, but the following day I couldn't find a local paper that had any type of update on the score. I ended up calling my brother here in DC to find out who won.

In anycase, if you are going to Vegas, good luck finding a score or report if your match isn't on ESPN.

BTW - I was going to head over to McMullan's Irish Pub in Vegas to watch the Manchester United vs. Reading clash... that was untill I staggered back to my room around 5am and the match kicked off at 7am Vegas time. Next time I need to pace myself and just stay up.



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