Friday, December 14, 2007

What happened to "The Best Person for the Job?"

I find this funny and almost ubsurd.

Three English coaches are critical that the English FA have hired Fabio Capello to replace fired England coach Steve McClaren. They did so simply because the England FA failed to hire a British coach.


What the hell ever happened to hiring the best guy for the job? I can think of several other coaches who would have been great picks for the England job... none of them are British. Capello is going to be able to bring a certain panache to the role as coach/manager that McClaren never had and England hasn't really had in a long time, even under Sven. Being critical of a guy simply because he doesn't have a British passport is simply a stupid thing.

Honestly, I think that this goes much deeper. I honestly think that this is a backlash from a group of coaches who know that they don't have what it takes to coach internationally, especially for a side such as England. The job of England Manager is such a high pressured job, what with the expectations that come with the job from the press and the fans. Which British coach is good enough to get England back on track? Sir Alex Ferguson maybe? Why would he leave Manchester United? He has the world at his fingertips and would be giving up his god like status there. Beyond him, I cannot think of a British coach who could even rate. Go deeper and I cannot even fathom which English coach would be able to manage the England team in this day and age.

All English coaches need to take a step back and re-examine their coaching styles and try and understand why pretty much none of them were even considered. Steve McClaren might be the perfect place to start. Why did he fail to get England qualified for Euro 2008? Did his managing style fail him or did his players fail him? Did his choice of players fail him?

Until an English coach steps up and proves that he is capable with results on the field, I cannot blame the English FA for looking outside of Britain for their next coach.



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