Saturday, April 22, 2006

Arsene and the Gunners choke against 10 man Spurs

Arsenal played to a 1-1 tie against their in town rival, Tottenham, all but clinching 4th place for the Spurs. Robbie Keane scored for Spurs, and sub, yes, he was on the bench for this match, sub Henry scored for the Gunners. 4th place for Tottenham assures them of European football next season, but they still need to figure out which compatition as Arsenal are still alive in the Champions league. If Arsenal win the Champions League, yet stay at 5th in the EPL, 4th place Tottenham take the UEFA Cup slot and the defending champs get into the tournament.

Arsene Wenger stated before this match that this was their biggest EPL match of the season. Not only to decide their finishing place in teh EPL, but to close out Highbury and the North London Derby. So if he felt that this match was the biggest...why hold your best player and Captain on the bench? I understand that they have a 1 goal lead to defend this coming Tuesday in Spain against Villarreal, which if they win, they get a date in Paris on the 17th, most likely against Barcalona. Wenger, by keeping Henry on the bench, signaled that even with his comments before the match, the Champions League at this point in their season, is much higher priority for the Gunners. I would have to agree with him.

Oh well, Arsenal choked, they are most likely going to finish 5th in the EPL and have a good chance of making the 2006 Champions League final.


Blogger D said...

If Spurs end up getting knocked out by the gunners after a win in Europe, I am going to be upset.

1:53 PM  

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