Saturday, July 01, 2006

France 1 - 0 Brazil


Blogger Adrian Sanderson said...

Football World Cup: La France - Douze Points!

Can you believe it? France played so well tonight, with such passion, I did not see since 1998.
Brazil disappointed me. They looked confused and out of place throughout the match, although they had some chance to score. But Henry's goal [left] was brilliant and exposed Brazil defence, or luck of defence. No one has expected this game to go this way; It was rather strange at times - like a strange deja vous from 1998. Zinadine Zidan suddenly came to life, and so where the others on the pitch. It is strange that sometime a team get spirited like that; Why couldn't it has happened to England?.. Well, that's a question for another time I guess. So what's next for France? They meet Portugal in the semi as clear favourites; Now if they loose in the semi that would be a sensation. It is also expected that Germany will beat Italy after all, so? Germany V France. What a shocker final, in a way. No one has counted France at all before the tournament, and now..? Why do I have the strange feeling that France is going to do the double like Argentina 1978/1986 - France 1998/2006? Weird? But not far fetched... World Cup 2006 will be remembered mostly because of very bad judges, too many yellow cards, certainly too many red cards. I hope FIFA will have a good hard look at this situation and adoped more technological advances in the field of sport.

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