Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Arena interview on CNN/SI

Grant Wahl has a very lengthy interview with Bruce Arena about Red Bull New York, his stint as USMNT Coach, the USSF and MLS. He covers how he was dismissed as USMNT Coach, what his thoughts are of the USSF training center, how Red Bull was why he returned to coach in MLS and that there has never been a team as talented as the two DC United squads he had.

I honestly am a little shocked at how Arena has presented himself. I really don't remember this guy being this type of a bitter man. It would really be interesting to hear what was actually said when he and Sunil hashed it out over his position with USSF. Alot of his bitterness seems to stem from his time with the USMNT.

He makes some very valid points, especially that the USSF training facility should be used for the training of the US Soccer teams, not for Tennis or the X Games. How do you build the foundation that the center is supposed to form, when you have a Half Pipe built on one of your fields? Having a training center that has soccer 365 days a year, that is a foundation.

Tomorrow night he returns to MLS play, against DC United. I hope and expect United to give him a good welcome back into the league, with his first loss.


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