Monday, August 14, 2006

International Addition to United?

A nod to DCenters for finding this first. is reporting that DC United are in the process of picking up Argentine right winger, Matias Donnet. They are claiming that with Donnet's arrival, Freddy would be able to move up into the forward in the event of injury of Alecko or Jaime. As United already have two Argentine starters in Gomez and Erpen, Donnet should be able to fit in well with the club.

I am not so certain about this move. I agree we need to bring another offensive weapon to replace the floss of Lucio and Santino. If Alecko or Jaime do go down, Freddy can step in, but I feel better having him run at the defense from the midfield, rather than up front. If Donnet could step in and play up front, that would be the best of both worlds, play right wing right now, and step up front if we need to give Alecko or Jaime a breather. I will wait an see how this goes.


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