Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sorry, moving next weekend.

I am moving next weekend to Falls Church, so much of this weekend in devoted to packing.

I did however see that the Salt Lake County council offered RSL owner Dave Checketts a brand new deal involving the proposed RSL stadium. ESPN reported that the deal provides about $10 million more than the previous deals that were shot down by the council. Lets hope for the fans sake that this is what is needed to get the ground broken on a SSS in Salt Lake City.

I am wondering how much of an influence was made by the statement that Garber made at the MLS State of the League announcement last week, when he basically called them out by telling them that they were essentially idiots for not supporting a SSS when the other 5 that have been opened have been cash cows. Also, how much did the site in Seattle on Wednesday night influence their position? Checketts evidently was a part of having Real Madrid play in Seattle and they packed the house and evidently are packing the house right now against RSL. Not to miss or anything, but it would be daft of me to say that the main influence had to have been the ultimatum that Checketts made when he threw down the gauntlet and said if a deal wasn't set by 7:30pm today, he would sell the club as if it were on eBay.

Hopefully, by the time all of us on the East Coast wake up, we will have news of a new stadium deal.


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